Ref No: HR 109 Program Name: Social Media Recruitment Strategies

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27 May 2024 31 May 2024 London, UK $ 5,750
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Since the birth of the World Wide Web, the internet has transformed many aspects of our lives. The biggest impact has been in Social networking. CIPD predicts the big growth area is now in our professional lives. Organisations are starting to use social media strategies to talk to their employees and prospective employees. Social media is being used for corporate communications and as a channel to enable staff to express their ‘employee voice’.

Recent researches shows that 92% of companies are using social media in recruitment. The biggest area is for access to vacancies but many products can help with screening. Many organisations say that these approaches have improved the quality of applicants, and reduced the time to fill vacancies.

This exciting workshop will look at what recruitment strategies are and how social media can impact their performance. We will explore the common practices and uses of social media as well as noting the most common pitfalls.

Learning Objectives

By attending this highly interactive programme, delegates will gain:

  • The ability to analyse the social media approaches are available to enhance recruitment processes
  • The ability to review all the existing communication and media processes available in organisations
  • An understanding of the stages of the recruitment and selection cycle
  • The ability to recognise and understand the workings of Talent Management processes and the ‘War for Talent’.
  • A clear understanding of the different social media techniques currently available
  • The insight to be able to review current strategies for bias, lack of diversity and ethical fit

Target Audience

This seminar is designed for:

  • All professionals and leaders who are involved in recruitment or need to have an understanding of what ‘good practice’ is.
  • Anyone who wants to help their organisation ‘recruit, retain and develop’ the best workforce possible.

Training Methodology

The seminar will combine conventional tutor led discussions and input, including real examples, together with a high level of participation; syndicate exercises and case studies to produce an interactive approach and discussion of topics through which the participants will be enabled and encouraged to bring their own experiences forward for discussion and debate.

Program Content

Day 1

Social Media and Communication

  • Corporate communication
  • Employee Voice
  • Operational agility

The Purpose of recruitment and Selection

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • E-recruitment
  • Case study –graduate recruitment

Day 2

 The Practice of Recruitment and selection

  • The Stages of the Process
    • Vacancy
    • Candidate search
    • Screening tools
    • Assessment
    • Making decisions
    • Induction

Day 3

Talent Management and Succession     

  • The war for talent
  • Changing ways of searching for talent
  • The talent pool
  • Case study: Vanty IT recruitment

Day 4

Benefits and Tools for Using New Social Media

  • Benefits and costs
  • Benefits and communication
  • Employer branding


  • Policies
  • Strategies for Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter etc.

Day 5

Disadvantages of Relying too Heavily on New Media

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Accuracy and verification of data
  • Legal issues
  • Online impact



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