Global Training Locations

Global Training Locations

Since TEI formed back in 2013, we have made it a priority to listen to our clients with a view to understanding just where in the world they would like to have their training programs delivered. It’s no secret that we go out of our way to ensure that only the best venues in the most outstanding locations are selected to host our training programs.

The criteria or reasons for selecting specific locations are many. We often select a particular location based on what additional activities we can build into the program. In previous years we have ran programs in Vienna, Austria and have incorporated a visit and guided tour of the Headquarters of OPEC, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

The USA and Canada remain top destinations for many of our Middle East clients, whilst Dubai is always a firm favourite across the wide spectrum of international clientele. In more recent years, we have delivered very successful programs in Victoria, Seychelles and Cape Town, South Africa, due to its relatively close proximity, for many of our African based clients.

City Locations

Accra – Ghana Islamabad – Pakistan New York – USA
Bengaluru – India Istanbul – Turkey Paris – France
Boston – USA Kigali – Rwanda Port Louis – Mauritius
Cairo – Egypt Kula Lumpur – Malaysia San Francisco – USA
Cape Town – South Africa London – England UK Sharm El-Sheikh – Egypt
Chicago – USA Maryland – USA Toronto – Canada
Dubai – UAE Miami – USA Victoria – Seychelles
Edinburgh – Scotland UK Nairobi – Kenya Zanzibar – Tanzania
Houston – USA New Delhi – India You Choose ? Where do you Suggest?

Program Venues