Ref No: HR 102 Program Name: The Effective Training Coordinator

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Training is an expensive but potentially the most powerful tool for personal and organizational development. Training Coordinators play a vital role in getting best value from training by ensuring that the right person goes on the right course for the right reason at the right time. This program will give you “best practice” in terms of tools, tips and techniques to:

  • Ensure that training has an impact on the bottom line of the business
  • Gain a good knowledge of the business and its changing needs and be able to demonstrate results
  • Gain a good understanding of how, why, where and when people learn best and put this into practice
  • Develop a range of skills from consultancy to course design and evaluation and use new models
  • Develop your role to make it even more fulfilling and really to make a difference through value-added activities

Learning Objectives

Participants attending will be able to:

  • Specify how training contributes to the business
  • Recommend improvements to the way training is positioned in their organization
  • Describe how training coordinator best practice should apply to them
  • Demonstrate in-depth personal learning and new skills and methods for identifying training needs, and understand the evaluation model and how it works
  • Take away an action plan for implementation which should significantly improve efficiency at work

 Target Audience

Those who work as training coordinators – liaising with line managers about training needs, organizing training events, and selecting courses and training facilitators.

Training Methodology

This course is very interactive. There will be discussion, practice and analysis. We will use participants own experiences and situations that together with case studies and exercises will be a great learning experience.

 Program Content

 Day 1 – The Contribution of Training Should Make to the Business

  • ‘The Purpose of Work’
  • Understanding organizational change and the role of the training coordinator
  • What training coordinators should and should not do
  • Gathering information across the business
  • What to do with the information received
  • Aligning training with business needs
  • Positioning training as a strategic business partner

 Day 2 – The Role of the Training Coordinator – New Approaches

  • Moving from tactical administrator to a proactive agent of change and business partner
  • Maintaining professional standards
  • Understanding the business and talking the language of the business
  • Taking account of individuals’ preferred learning styles
  • In-house networking and ‘selling’ training

 Day 3 – New Approach to Training Needs Analysis

  • Appreciating the relationship between training and results
  • Identifying what’s needed at level one – corporate needs
  • Identifying what’s needed at level two – departmental needs, case study and video
  • Identifying what’s needed at level three – teams
  • Identifying what’s needed for level four – for individuals

Day 4 – Using the Latest Evaluation and Quality Control Models

  • Case studies
  • Understanding delivery methods
  • Getting the best from colleagues and stakeholders
  • How to produce results-evaluation in action

 Day 5 – Developing the Role of the Training Coordinator – Practical Actions

  • Producing results and giving feedback
  • Individual action planning


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