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This course is about the design and execution of human resource management strategies. It focuses on how to think systematically and strategically about aspects of managing the organization’s human assets, and what really needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

This course adopts the perspective of a general manager and addresses human resource topics including reward systems, performance management, high-performance human resource systems, training and development, recruitment, retention, equal employment opportunity laws, and work-force diversity from a strategic perspective

Course Topics

The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that they can use to effectively manage human resources to achieve organizational goals.

In order to achieve this goal, students will:

  • Take a strategic approach to human resource management.
  • Assess the global human resources environment in which your organization operates.
  • Forecast the human resource needs of your organization or department.
  • Do a job analysis and competency audit of your organization and/or department.
  • Identify competency gaps in your organization or department.
  • Provide feedback to employees to help them reach personal and organizational goals.
  • Use powerful “coaching” questions to help employees attain personal and organizational goals.
  • Use competency-based recruitment and selection techniques.

Manage and motivate employees using the basic principles of strategic human resource management

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