Ref No: HR 105 Program Name: Effective Performance Management

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30 Jan 2023 03 Feb 2023 London, UK $ 5,750Registration Closed
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This programme details the characteristics that will identify your department (or organization) as one that manages for performance and value. Such a strategy is not something to be done and then it’s done – it is an enduring way of running your business…a journey, not a destination.  Whilst it is a journey, you will know you have made significant progress when you observe these ten characteristics. The characteristics help you to prioritize your efforts in building the foundations and developing the skills to manage performance. This programme is designed to build your understanding of managing high performance and help guide your plans to design and implement such a strategy.

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the performance review process in line with company strategy. Understand how role profiles and competencies link into the process
  • Understand and accurately complete review documentation with consistency and produce guidelines for conducting a review meeting. Set best practice for managing performance reviews
  • Set meaningful robust objectives in line with business plans
  • Identify competency gaps and set behavior objectives. Identify learning opportunities to complete a personal development plan. Identify how to improve under performance.
  • Understand and practice the key elements of developing rapport and managing challenging conversations with win/win outcomes

Target Audience

This programme is designed for all personnel who have the responsibility for leading, managing performance plans, their design and implementation.

Training Methodology

Joining in role-plays and having a go may feel awkward but is often the best way to find out how we are doing with our learning. You will have plenty of opportunity during the workshop to experiment and try out new skills and understanding. The facilitator will give you some input and then help you to make sense of the models through some discussion and then practice. You’ll then decide actions to apply the learning to your workplace.

Program Content

 Day 1 – Managing Performance; Strategies, Design & Implementation

  • Designing superior business performance strategies that create competitive advantage.
  • Individual, task and group performance – the three circles model
  • Ensuring your department manages customer value and ‘cost-to-serve’ to maximize business value
  • Creating strategy development and agenda management processes to ensure that all decisions are fact-based and performance maximizing

Day 2 – Creating a Performance Culture

  • The “Helicopter Approach” to performance management and appraisal
  • Creating and implementing a high performance culture where people have superior capabilities to manage for value
  • Creating clear accountabilities and line of sight for performance creation

Day 3 – Setting Objectives

  • Objective setting – BAU (Business As Usual and ‘Stretch’ objectives)
  • Performance Appraisal – motivate by capitalizing on strong points. Listening, questioning and feedback skills
  • Praise as a motivator
  • Performance management documentation

 Day 4 – Solving Performance Problems; Resolving People-Based Problems

  • Employing rigorous business performance management process to ensure delivery against agreed strategies and performance commitments
  • Using management information and process to create distinctive competitive advantage
  • Assessment and development of high potential staff – ‘Risk Averse’ versus ‘Entrepreneurial’ working
  • Tools for better decision-making

Day 5 – Performance Management People Solutions/Empowerment 

  • Exceed internal and external performance commitments linked to achievement of business goals
  • Ensuring each employee has problem solving skills that result in performance creating differences relative to peers
  • Feedback as a means to improve perform


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