Professional Consultancy Services​

We offer a range of consultancy services that contribute to creating a strong and commercially focused business environment that is fit for the future.

This includes:

A core service offering which we promote is the compilation of a Human Resource Capability Report. This comprehensive consultancy services provides our clients with a clear and impartial analysis of the strengths and potential limitations of their key human resource.

This tried and tested service focuses on recording a series of behavioural observations in a dispassionate and objective manner.  These observations will determine the extent to which individuals are aligned or not to the companies values and vision.

Underpinning this report is a behavioural definition framework which is applied as a template for benchmarking purposes. This framework consists of five specific behaviours each having a detailed and clear definition attributed to it. the behavioural headings are as follows:

  1. Leadership
  2. Teamwork/Working with others
  3. Business judgement
  4. Drive commitment and personal development
  5. Client focus

Contained within each behavioural definition is a supporting criteria statement highlighting:

Through a variety of standard observation practises and objective measurement processes, we produce a detailed and personalised Human Resource Capability Report which is unique to each individual.  This report has many practical applications and benefits in terms of HR succession planning, performance management and from newly appointed ’C’ suite level executives, to be given a third-party impartial insight into their inherited teams.

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