Ref No: ML 116 Program Name: The Art & Science of People Leadership & Management (10 Days)

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12 Feb 2024 23 Feb 2024 Miami, US $ 13,500Registration Closed
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05 Aug 2024 16 Aug 2024 Zanzibar, TZ $ 10,500
07 Oct 2024 18 Oct 2024 Toronto, CA $ 13,900
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This programme highlights the skills needed for leading and managing people in a 21st century organisation. Delegates will learn to significantly improve their strategic thinking, long-term vision, and positive influence on others. It will equip the delegates with reach tools to help bring their organisation to greater heights. The programme will also examine the interaction between people and their awareness of the barriers to communication, and the possible options available to minimize those barriers.

Learning Objectives

Participants attending the programme will:

• Learn how to lead teams effectively
• Create a vision for team members
• Learn how to give positive feedback
• Learn how to lead with integrity
• Discuss win-win agreements with peers
• Learn about their style of management
• Examine their role in the organisation
• Learn how to motivate people
• Learn the key steps to empowerment
• Learn how to develop peoples learning skills
• Create a plan of action to implement in their organisation

Target Audience

• Leaders and other professionals responsible for developing and leading high performance teams and who desire to enhance their empowering leadership and management skills
• Leaders and other professionals who want to understand people and manage more effectively
• Personnel responsible for developing the key resources of any organisation – its ‘people’
• Those needing an update on key aspects of people empowerment

Training Methodology

Participants will learn by active participation during the programme through the use of exercises, syndicate and group discussions, training videos, and discussions on ‘real life’ issues in their organisations.

Programme Content

Day 1 – Enhancing Leadership Skills

• Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Skills
• Managing diverse people bahaviours in the workplace
• Role of people skills in minimising workplace conflicts
• Self-control for enhancing teamwork
• Adjust your style to get results you want

Day 2 – Negotiation & Conflict Management

• The sources of conflict in the organisation
• Negotiating and resolving disagreements
• Creating synergy in teams
• Working with others towards shared goals
• Managing difficult people

Day 3 – Motivational Leadership & Empowerment

• Understanding motivation
• Motivating ourselves and others
• How leaders can motivate team
• The elements of empowerment
• From delegation to empowerment

Day 4 – Developing High Performing Teams

• Peoples skills in influencing and leading others
• Leading for performance management
• Developing trustworthiness for corporate transformation
• Values-based leadership to manage people
• Creating a shared vision

Day 5 – Leading through Creativity & Innovation

• Teambuilding techniques
• Applying teamwork for innovation in the workplace
• Creative Problem Solving techniques
• Cultivating a creative workplace
• Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership

Day 6 – Managing Yourself

• Understand the characteristics and preferences
• Effective communication
• Identifying your ego states
• Identifying your Management Role
• Understanding the Team Roles and their importance

Day 7 – Managing Others

• Know your team
• Identify the motivators of your people
• Develop individual development plans
• Know when to ‘push’ and when to ‘pull’
• The art of delegation

Day 8 – People and Work

• Understanding that people are your principal asset
• Your influence on people
• Applying the motivators in the work place
• Creating the climate for empowerment
• Developing the empowering ethics
• Planning for Improvement

Day 9 – Teamwork & Cooperation Skills

• The characteristics of a successful team
• Identifying the roles within your team
• Utilising your team effectively
• Building skills and relationships within your team
• Developing relationships with other teams

Day 10 – Planning for the Future

•Understanding the need for continuous personal improvement
• Understanding the people’s learning styles
• Developing individual action plans
• Dealing with change
• Developing a learning culture within the organisation

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