Ref No: ML 104 Program Name: Mastering Strategy and Business Planning: Vision to Reality

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The course focuses on strategic management aimed at developing the knowledge and competencies that are needed in taking yourself and your organization to the next level of achievement. You will gain an enhanced set of competencies for advanced appreciation of the strategic dimension of the business, improved skills in business planning, and effective communication of the strategy of the organisation as a whole.

Participants attending the course will learn:

  • major aspects of the global economy that influence strategic thinking
  • to deal with the accelerating trend of change and how to manage the impact
  • to deal with the increasing complexity of organizational structures
  • to balance and align resources in implementing business planning

Learning Objectives

  • Detailed appreciation of the factors influencing the development of the organization
  • Understand how the major changes in economic and business structure that can be applied to organization
  • Develop high-performing individuals and teams in order to secure effective implementation of the strategy of the organization
  • Introduce new organizational forms and structures emerging in an increasingly global business environment
  • Contribute substantially to the long-term development of the organization

Target Audience

This highly interactive course is suitable for those:

  • who require high-level perspective on the content and impact of strategy and business planning
  • who are responsible for evaluating the strategy and performance of the other organisations
  • who require an in-depth understanding of leading-edge thinking and techniques of business planning
  • who wants to know how to adjust and change the organization to take into account the change pattern
  • who wants an introduction to the main tools and techniques of risk assessment and risk management
  • who want to acquire the confidence to initiate and management change and set-up resources in a fully-aligned manner

Training Methodology

This course will be presented based on a carefully planned mix of highly-focused lectures, practical illustration of techniques and concepts, group work, interaction and discussions. The principles and approaches of strategic management will be illustrated by case studies.

Program Content

Day 1 – Coping with change in the business environment

  • The changing economic balance between the developed and developing world
  • Value migration – what belongs where?
  • Competitive advantage – the shift from product/service to the business model
  • Globalisation – strategy and organization
  • Globalisation – developing your people for the new reality
  • The strategic impact of disruptive technologies
  • Dealing with risk – risk identification, risk analysis, risk management
  • Organisational development in a changing world

Day 2 – Dynamics and the emergence of the agile organization

  • Strategic development & differentiation
  • The emergence of collaboration, alliances and joint ventures as development mechanisms
  • Agility, virtual organisations and the ‘built to change’ model
  • Designing and managing strategic alliances

Day 3 – Core competencies: Developing key people for the future

  • The life-cycles of core competencies in the modern organisation
  • The new characteristics and competencies of high-performing teams
  • Leadership – the key attribute of the successful strategic professional
  • Teams and work-groups – how to design and lead/manage them
  • The strategic professional as mentor and coach
  • Coping with complexity

Day 4 – Leading-edge tools and techniques of planning

  • The principles of ‘dynamic alignment’ and its management challenges
  • The strategy-structure-culture range
  • Planning – why, what and how
  • The problem of time compression and its potential as a differentiating force
  • The content of the strategic plan and its linkages to functional planning
  • Communication – the starting point of sustainable high performance

Day 5 – Producing a business plan that get implemented

  • The planning process – timing
  • The planning process – inputs and outputs
  • Creating an effective linkage between the strategic plan and operational plans
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan and ensuring its continuing development
  • Summary and overview of the course


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