Ref No: ML 106 Program Name: Maximizing Efficiency – Mastering Time, Stress, and Task Management

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Professionals often find themselves under pressure of work and short of time to meet all the demands placed upon them. This is particularly the case when they have to manage multiple tasks, keeping track of a range of deadlines while dealing with day-to-day problems and crises. In the long term, these will not only damage personal and organizational effectiveness, but may also lead to personal stress and associated effects on health.

This course seeks to help professionals gain more control over time, enhance their effectiveness and job satisfaction and manage their stress in positive ways. It also looks at how professionals need to help others time and stress in the interest of team and organizational effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

This programme is intended to help participants improve their management of time and stress and to identify actions and initiatives for working smarter. By the end of this programme, participants will learn to:

  • identify the time sealers they need to tackle and their scope to tackle them
  • identify their sources of stress and their reactions to stressful situations
  • develop a positive strategy for stress management
  • use a range of tools and techniques for time and stress management
  • make effective contribution at work and enjoy greater job satisfaction

Target Audience

All professionals who have some discretion over how they manage their time and who are interested in enhancing personal effectiveness and dealing with stress.

Training Methodology

The programme is designed to be highly interactive and varied. It provides a blend of lecture, discussion, exercises, case studies and videos. Participants work throughout the course on developing a personal action plan to tackle issues to time and stress management which then provides the basis for post–course implementation and self-monitoring.

Programme Content

Day 1 – Introduction and Overview

  • Action planning
  • Costs of poor time management
  • Resources, leisure and stress
  • Causes and consequences of stress
  • Pressure curves and stress
  • Dilemmas of time-management
  • Time stealers for organizational factories

Day 2 – Getting Control

  • Importance of control for time and stress management
  • Handling interruptions and managing accessibility
  • Planning and priority setting
  • Managing multiple tasks
  • Task management and critical path analysis
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Behavioural styles and pitfalls of time managements
  • Personal types and stress

Day 3 – Understanding and Managing Stress Factors

  • Diagnosing stress
  • Biological and physiological mechanisms of stress
  • The sense of purpose
  • Roots of job satisfaction
  • Stress indicators
  • Pitfalls of time-guilt
  • Interpersonal conflict and stress assertiveness
  • Organizational factors and stress
  • Positive and negative stress coping strategies
  • Personal energy management-diet and exercise
  • Helping others manage stress
  • Corporate stress policies

Day 4 – Delegation, Briefing Skills & Meeting

  • Delegation and briefing skills
  • Communications pitfalls
  • Improving the delegation we receive
  • Managing relationships with the boss
  • Getting the best from meeting time
  • Chairing and participating skills

Day 5 – Desk Management/Course Review

  • Office layouts and ergonomics
  • Managing the paper load
  • Getting the best from office technology
  • Managing the reading load
  • Efficient writing skills –rapid composition
  • What do we need to manage time better
  • Action plan presentations

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