Ref No: ML 108 Program Name: Remote Leadership – Harnessing Team Performance in a Virtual Environment

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of hybrid working practices has changed everything we ever believed about the standard 9 to 5 approach to employment. Work is now more about what we do, rather than where we do it. Output is now a more trusted measure of productivity, rather than time in the office.

For many people who are coming to terms with long-term hybrid work, their offices are now spaces for collaboration, colleague engagement, and relationship building, rather than simply buildings where the culture gather daily to perform their duties.

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the purpose and key differences of hybrid working practices, relative to the traditional office-based scenario.
  • Demonstrate increased personal confidence when taking responsibility for remote
    task achievement.
  • Demonstrate increased personal confidence when conducting a virtual coaching session

Target Audience

This program will be most appropriate for personnel who have to lead negotiation strategies – as well as sales professionals, purchasing agents, HR and marketing representatives who need a greater insight into communication and negotiation ‘deal making’ skills

Training Methodology

The program is designed to be highly interactive and varied. It provides a blend of lecture, discussion, exercises, case studies and videos. Participants work throughout the course on developing a personal action plan to tackle issues to time and stress management which then provides the basis for post–course implementation and self-monitoring.

Program Content

  • This Masterclass will explore the following content:
  • How to maintain diversity and inclusion policies for all employees, who mostly work remotely.
  • Providing recognition for remote workers’ achievement, particularly when they’re
    not office based.
  • Transform meeting practices in the team by introducing new cultural rituals,
    virtual stand-ups, informal get-togethers, and rotating leadership.

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