Ref No: ML 102 Program Name: Driving Transformation: Putting Strategy into Action

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Effective strategic planning is essential to the future success of any organization. However, most strategic planning is lacking in vision. It is merely a straight-line extrapolation of the past into the future. In a world where the rate of change is greater than ever before this is at best shortsighted and at worst a prescription for disaster. Real strategic planning is about positioning the organization for a future which will be different from the past. This program focuses on strategic planning and how to implement it.

Learning Objectives 

  • To study the design of visionary strategic plans
  • To consider how to translate strategic plans into action plans
  • To provide insights into strategic planning problems to avoid
  • To highlight examples of strategic success and failure
  • To provide insights into productive contingency planning

Target Audience 

The program is designed for senior managers, business unit managers, business strategists, developers of business plans, analysts and researchers supporting the development of business plans, all people required to contribute to and implement strategy.

 Training Methodology  

The most up to date training methodology is used. The seminar is carefully designed to address all styles of learning and to engage participants fully. Lectures and discussions are either preceded or followed by powerful individual or group exercises. These exercises provide opportunities for personal participation in real situations. During these exercises you discover that you can do what you are learning. This process makes the training fun filled, fast-paced, challenging and empowering.

Program Content 

Day 1 – The Strategic Planning Process

  • The importance of business planning for organisational success
  • The elements of a business plan
  • A practical business planning model and process
  • Organizing for business planning
  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders
  • Defining your focus and key success factors
  • Practical work using a case study 

Day 2 – Mission, Vision and Strategy

  • The five strategic questions to analyze a business
  • Gathering the right information
  • Analyzing the competitive domain – the four Cs
  • Analyzing the internal and external environment
  • Identifying drivers for change
  • Scenario planning and business forecasting
  • Practical business analysis work 

Day 3 – Formulating Strategy

  • Developing a vision and mission statement
  • Strategic positing and strategic options
  • Competitive strategy – cost leadership versus product differentiation
  • Practical product and service strategies
  • Practical business process strategies
  • Practical people and organization design 

Day 4 – Avoiding Strategic Pitfalls

  • Linking action to strategy – the action planning process
  • Selecting performance measures and setting objective
  • How to write and communicate action plans that achieves results
  • Aligning products and services to meet the strategic vision
  • Designing processes and allocating resources to achieve strategic objectives 

Day 5 – Strategic Planning into Action

  •  Monitoring business performance
  • Maximizing opportunities and cutting losses
  • Taking corrective action
  • Creative problem solving
  • Analyzing success, failures and lessons learned
  • Improving your business planning process


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