Ref No: MM 105 Program Name: Procurement & Supply Chain Risk Management

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Cost effective and responsive procurement and supply chain management is essential to the success of the modern organisation. It is absolutely essential to select and manage the best available suppliers to maximize the performance of the supply chain.

To be effective, procurement professionals must obtain high quality materials and services at the lowest possible price while reducing the administrative costs of processing the purchase. Also, effective supply chain professionals need to be able to ensure their organisations become industry pace setters, by better managing their supply chains to achieve reduced costs, whilst at the same time improving service levels.

This programme is designed to enhance the procurement skills and provide some fresh insights into achieving high levels of procurement performance. It also shows how to apply useful tools and techniques to successfully manage supply chains.

Learning Objectives

In this programme, the participants will learn:

  • The newest procurement methods
  • The concept of supplier partnering
  • Implementing supply chain management
  • Examples of procurement success
  • How to improve procurement performance
  • Re-engineering procurement operations
  • To apply a thorough understanding of the supply chain activities
  • To identify, analyse and evaluate supply chain risk
  • To understand the key aspects in reducing risk
  • To use risk management tools and techniques
  • To make supply chain organisatoinal improvements

Target Audience

  • Procurement/buying/purchasing professionals
  • Production and manufacturing professionals
  • Logistics, warehouse and distribution professionals
  • All those who seek to strengthen their personal procurement abilities as well as the performance of their procurement department.
  • All those who need an understanding of the relationship between risk, cost and service in supply chains.

Training Methodology

The programme combines interactive presentations, case studies, participant activities and exercises to maximize the impact of the learning experience. Delegates will have ample time to consider the ideas and apply the skills which are discussed.

Program Content

Module 1 – Modern Procurement Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Early Supplier Involvement
  • Paperless Procurement
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Long Term Contracting
  • The allied signal model

Module 2 – Supplier Selection

  • Local & Global sources
  • Evaluating potential suppliers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supplier Management

Module 3 – Determination of Price

  • Competitive Bidding
  • Analysing Supplier Costs
  • Value Analysis
  • Total Cost Ownership
  • Capital equipment life cycle costing

Module 4 – Legal Aspects of Procurement

  • Formation of Contracts
  • Remedies for supplier non-performance
  • Legal responsibility of the buyer
  • Warranties

Module 5 – Negotiation

  • Elements of powerful negotiations
  • The effective negotiator
  • Negotiating with other cultures
  • Negotiating insights
  • Negotiating tactics

Module 6 – Understanding the Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Definitions
  • The Supply Chain Rules
  • Customers, Competitive Advantage and Demand
  • Supply Chain Models and Types
  • The Global Supply Chain
  • Recognising Risk in Supply Chain

Module 7 – Identifying Supply Chain Instabilities and Risks

  • Internal Supply Chain Risks
  • Inventory Risks
  • Financial Risks
  • Disruption Risks
  • Security Risks
  • Mismanaged Relationship Risks
  • Procurement & Logistics Risks

Module 8 – Understanding and Reducing Supply Chain risk

  • Risk Spiral Consequences, Outcomes & Analysing the Key Drivers of Risk
  • Improving Visibility
  • Reducing Variability
  • Maintaining Velocity
  • Restoring Confidence
  • Enabling Agility and Synchronicity in Supply Chain
  • Applying Supplier Relationship Management

Module 9 – Using Risk Management Tools and Techniques

  • Risk Mitigation Options
  • Risk Mitigation Matrix
  • Risk Management Principles
  • The Role of Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy
  • Evaluation and Prioritisation of Risks
  • The Risk Management Matric
  • Developing a Risk Management Culture
  • Contingency and Risk Management Planning
  • Supply Chain Resilience

Module 10 – Rethinking the Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Futures and Predictions
    • Agility
    • Network Design
    • Going ‘Green’
  • Reengineering Supply Chains end-to-end to minimize Risk
  • Organisation Development
  • Models for Change


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