Ref No: HS 124 Program Name: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Method & Leadership

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HAZAN is an identifying technique for hazards, used in all discipline of industrial safety because of its effectiveness.  HAZOP is recognized, encouraged and increasingly insisted upon by many companies, by the enforcement of HSE and by government bodies.

This 5-day course aims to provide an understanding of ‘hazard and operability study method (HAZOAN.  HAZAN  is highly practical and widely proven method which is applied to determine the likelihood of untoward events arising in normal operating practice which necessitate appropriate action to be taken.

HAZAN  is not confined to the chemical process engineering context but is being increasingly and successfully adapted within related engineering disciplines (oil & gas, mechanic, civil, electrical, …..) and for both on shore and off-shore projects.

Aims & Benefits

In this training programme the candidate will get the opportunity to learn and understand the need and relevance of HAZAN

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the technique by tackling realistic specimen problems

Recognise those operability problems revealed by HAZAN study which cannot be answered satisfactorily on a qualitative basis and hence merit further evaluation by quantitative means to establish occurrence probability and frequency levels.

Target Group: Managers, Supervisors, Senior process operators, Process operators, Safety personnel & Plant Engineers.

Course Content

  • General Safety Introduction
  • Origin And Growth Of Safety Awareness
  • Legal Status of Health and Safety
  • Safety Terminology
  • Safety Perception
  • Major Disaster and Its Consequences
  • Fire Hazards
  • Explosions causes
  • The Character And Treatment Of Hazards
  • Features, Which Are Characteristic Of The Best Measures For Safety Performance In
  • General Housekeeping
  • Human Protection Within A Work Activity Area.
  • Provision For Emergencies
  • Job Training
  • Distinguish Between Hazard And Risk
  • Industrial Risk
  • Residual Risk
  • Process Risks
  • Societal Risks
  • The Application Of Protective Measures


Risk & Hazards at the workplace

In this day, we will cover many training sessions in the morning and afternoon, these sessions will give you the chance to learn and understand several topics such as;

  • Definition of terms (hazard, risk, HAZOP, HAZAN, risk assessment, danger, load, injury, safety psychology, risk rating, safety survey, safety audit ……..etc.
  • Hazard Control & Safety working environment
  • The safety culture and non blaming culture at workplace
  • Development of proactive safety culture and How to promote safety culture
  • Attitudes in the workplace & Manager operator relationships
  • Assessing Risk potential of a facility and risk rating score technique
  • Types of hazards in your workplace


Hazard Assessment & Hazardous Areas

In these sessions the trainee will get the opportunity to have better and in-depth knowledge on several topics, such as

  • How to identify Hazards in the Workplace
  • Problem Solving & Eliminating hazards (required control, check existing control measures, legal requirements, Methods of Protection………..etc.
  • Introduction to control of substances hazardous to heath (COSHH regulations and applications).
  • Safety of Hazardous Equipment, (Marking & Certification of Equipment)


The character and treatment of hazards (Qualitative Hazard Analysis)

  • Results from Hazard Quantification procedures
  • The structure of hazard analysis
  • Construction of cause and Fault Tree
  • Learn how to do Covering a cause tree into a fault tree
  • How to evaluate a fault tree
  • Probability Analysis (examples of cause trees)
  • Calculations on hazard rates
  • Hazard Identification & Control Program


HAZOP technique in Hazard Identification & Control 

In these sessions you will get the real opportunity on learning the application of HAZOP using real examples related to your workplace, we will cover the following topics

  • The purpose of HAZOP study technique
  • Applications and need for HAZOP method
  • HAZOP study procedure
  • Application to differing process modes
  • Demonstration of the method
  • HAZOP study, action report
  • Human operator reliability
  • General Techniques of Hazard Identification
    • Use of HAZOP Technique
    • Analysis of information from P&I diagrams, PFD, etc.
    • Composition & Selection of the team
    • Preparation of HAZOP Reports





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