Ref No: ML 136 Program Name: Mastering Time & Priorities – Minimising Stress & Pressure at Work

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As the pace of business change quickens it becomes even more essential to reduce stress and operate with heightened awareness, vitality and enthusiasm. Stress affects everything we experience and most people are generally unaware of the skills and strategies to manage stress and pressure at work.

Increased responsibility, pressure and role uncertainty can lead to unprecedented levels of stress in the workplace, affecting performance at the office and health and happiness at home. As the cost of stress to the employer continues to grow internationally, organizations must recognize stress in their employees and train managers to better manage stress productively. Surveys continually show that more and more employees report their work to be very or extremely stressful, citing the nature of their role, relationships at work or their employer as the cause.

Learning Objectives

By attending this highly interactive programme, delegates will gain:

  • Identify and reduce stress in themselves and others.
  • Change the way they think about stress
  • Take charge of their state of mind
  • Have a positive impact on individual and team performance
  • Maximise performance and motivation at work
  • Improve health and happiness

Target Audience

The programme is designed for all professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behaviours. It is also beneficial to anyone who is interested in understanding and better managing stress and work related pressure in themselves or others

Training Methodology

This practical and results-oriented program is based on adult learning concept. It incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning; ongoing discussions with action planning; ample time for Q&A; training activities to reinforce key concepts within a fun learning environment.

Program Content

Day 1 – Understanding Stress and its Causes

  • Understanding the relationship between stress and pressure
  • Recognizing stress management as an essential management skill
  • Pressure and performance – productive and unproductive levels of pressure
  • Stress in the mind and body
  • How the mind and body work
  • How the power of the mind can be used to reduce or eliminate stress

Day 2 – Different Stress and Behavioural Patterns

  • Learning behaviour types: passive, aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive
  • The Inter-relation between behaviour types and stress
  • How conscious and sub-conscious thinking affects behaviour
  • Developing self-assertiveness to achieve greater control over stress
  • Improving your communication skills to manage aggression, stress and conflict from others

 Day 3 – Good Stress and Bad Stress, Managing Stress Levels

  • The symptoms of short term and long term stress
  • Recognizing your individual stress response and that of others
  • The influence of negative habits and conditioning
  • Learning to recognize your stress level and key stressors
  • Recognizing your individual stress response and that of others
  • The major causes of stress at work and at home
  • How to develop self-belief to overcome stress
  • Recognizing when stress levels are too high for you, your team and your manager
  • The impact of stress on personal and team performance
  • When stress aids performance and when stress detracts from performance

Day 4 – Handling Stress Positively, A Positive Mind Set

  • Stress handling strategies for you and your team
  • Maintaining an effective balance between home and work
  • Changing your mind set – seeing the positive side of change in the workplace
  • Motivating yourself and others under pressure
  • Developing a preventative rather than remedial approach to team problems
  • How the Mind Focus techniques can reverse negativity into positive action

Day 5 – Relaxation Techniques, Improving Your Work Style

  • Building relaxation into your day
  • Simple stress reduction techniques
  • Long term de-stress techniques
  • Improving your concentration and controlling your stamina and energy levels
  • Simple time management strategies to undermine stress
  • Developing a personal action plan

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