Ref No: MM 102 Program Name: Masterclass: Warehouse Operations & Inventory Management

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08 May 2023 12 May 2023 Dubai, UAE $ 5,250Registration Closed
02 Oct 2023 06 Oct 2023 Accra, GH $ 4,750Registration Closed
11 Dec 2023 15 Dec 2023 Nairobi, KE $ 5,250Registration Closed
24 Feb 2025 28 Feb 2025 London, UK $ 5,750
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Effective Warehouse Operations & Inventory Management are essential to the success of today’s organisation. Material must move through the supply chain in rapid, controlled, cost-effective manner so that customer demands are properly satisfied. Achieving high levels of performance requires that powerful strategies and proven techniques for warehouse operations management must be properly understood and correctly applied.

This seminar will also present new and innovative ways of managing inventory to professionally manage materials and stock holding, as well as the techniques needed to minimise inventory and reduce waste whilst meeting the highest service levels.

Learning Objectives

 This seminar utilize a variety of methodologies to address all of the key elements necessary for planning, managing and improving warehouse operations. Participants will be asked to consider and discuss the latest concepts in warehousing & inventory management as well as the potential for application in their own operation. The emphasis of the seminar is on practical, real world implementation of modern warehouse and inventory management methods.

Delegates will also learn:

  • To determine the potential of proper warehouse & inventory management in your company
  • To fully understand the functionality of the warehouse & inventory management system
  • To see warehouse & inventory management as a complete, integrated and interrelated system
  • The best method to measure inventory management success and how to set realistic, objective, measurable targets
  • The essential communication process to facilitate successful warehouse & nventory management

Target Audience

This seminar is designed for all personnel who are interested in improving warehouse operations, and involved in inventory management.

It is also beneficial for professionals and leaders in the organisations who are responsible for reducing costs, increasing productivity, raising inventory turns and enhancing customer service through high fill rates, accurate information and excellent order fulfillment.

Training Methodology

Participants will learn by active participation throughout the training session through the use of programme materials, exercises, questionnaires and discussion of “real life” issues in their organisations. Current practices and their relationship to the implementation of new concepts will also be covered.

Program Content

 DAY 1

Planning Warehouse Layout

  • Special Storage Considerations
  • Effective Space Utilisation
  • Loss Control and Security

Material Location and Order Processing Systems

  • Dedicated vs Random Storage Methods
  • Discrete Picking vs Zone Picking vs Bath Picking
  • Improving Order Processing Productivity

Storage Aids and Material Handling Equipment Selection

 Warehouse Operations Management

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Stock Control
  • Order processing
  • Shipping

Warehouse Performance Measurement

 Overcoming the Barriers to Improved Performance


Warehouse Management Systems

  • Evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Compiling your system requirements
  • Developing your own software vs buying a package
  • Obtaining Management Commitment
  • Managing the Implementation Process                                                                                                 

Implementing Change in the Warehouse

  • Understanding Organisational Culture
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Building Teamwork

Managing and Motivating Warehouse Personnel 

Positive and Negative Approaches in Leadership 

 DAY 3

New Directions in Warehouse Management

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Re- engineering Warehouse and Logistics Operations
  • Benchmarking World Class Warehouse Operations

Inventory Management Defined

  • Definition of Inventory
  • Objectives of Inventory Management
  • The Inventory Management system
  • Trade-offs in Inventory Management
  • The impact of safety stock
  • The benefit of customer segmentation


 Inventory Planning

  • Distinguishing between dependent & independent demand
  • Dealing with excess and obsolete items
  • Strategic planning process
  • Linking the customer requirement with the Inventory Management plan
  • Balancing supply with demand

 Turning Planning into Action

  • Crafting an appropriate replenishment plan
  • Decide on the most advantageous stocking strategy
  • Calculating the effect of lead time on your inventory
  • Techniques to reduce the overall lead time of items
  • Contingency issues


 Inventory Implementation Issues

  • Physical stock take
  • Cycle counting
  • Dealing with theft of inventory
  • Warehouse solutions
  • Dealing with direct charge orders

 Managing Inventory

  • Inventory Management Matrix (IMM)
  • Using IMM Effectively to manage your inventory
  • Models for implementing inventory control
  • Stratifying your inventory into manageable groups
  • Setting appropriate strategies for each group

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