Ref No: ML 132 Program Name: Leading & Managing Change: Facilitating Strategic, Tactical and Operational Transformation

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In all public, private and voluntary sectors there is a continued and even an increasing pressure to innovate. This trend has created a clear need for leaders to be able to understand the change process, the ability to initiate and lead them. This programme will provide a rich and systematic understanding of change, involving identifying key issues, skills development and methods of enquiry.

Delegates will develop skills and acquire techniques to support leading and managing change both from within and without organisations, as an intrinsic member of the organisation in transition or as an external consultant thereto.

Learning Objectives

By attending this highly interactive programme, delegates will gain:

  • An understanding of key concepts of organisational change
  • Enhanced knowledge and critical judgement of the issues involved in the development and change of their own organisation
  • Access to tools to support their implementation and evaluation of change programmes.

Target Audience

The program is designed for:

  • All leaders across the private, public and voluntary sectors responsible for identifying the need for, leading and managing change
  • All business change professionals responsible for the interface between the principles of change as a project and making change stick in the business
  • In-house learning & development specialists supporting leaders in executing and embedding change
  • Independent consultants who are working with clients to support change management programmes

Training Methodology

This practical and results-oriented program is based on adult learning concepts. It incorporates input from the trainer with extensive experience of having supported organisations through change programmes, structured activities and group work to explore and reinforce key concepts within a fun learning environment, PowerPoint slides to support the messages, ongoing discussions throughout the course with action planning, and ample time for Q&A.

Program Content

Day 1

Frameworks for Change

  • History of change
  • Themes for change
  • Types of change and their implications
  • Drivers of change
  • Key factors in change processes
  • Change agent roles
  • Vision and emotional commitment
  • Technology and change

Day 2

Contexts for Change

  • Organisational structure and change
  • Functions of organisations
  • Learning processes and change
  • Managing knowledge
  • Potential conflict between stakeholders, dilemmas and problem-solving

Day 3

Individual and Organisational Change

  • The individual and the role of the individual in the organisation in relation to change
  • The context for an impact on organizational change
  • The organisation as a social institution
  • Frameworks for social, personal and professional identity
  • The trust, power and leadership dynamic

Day 4

Exploring Intercultural Change

  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Organisational learning
  • Inter- and intra-organisational knowledge
  • Partnerships, alliances and networks
  • Virtual organisations
  • Inquiry in change
  • Story and metaphor in change

Day 5

Interpreting Outcomes of Organisational Change

  • Ethics
  • Success and failure
  • Values under pressure
  • Evaluating outcomes of change
  • Reviewing, evaluating and refreshing the competency framework in the light of the organisation’s own development to ensure it remains relevant and fit-for-purpose


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