Ref No: ME 106 Program Name: Vibration Theory, Instruments & Measurement, and Diagnosis

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Vibration Theory, Instruments & Measurement and Diagnosis


Vibration-based Condition Monitoring (VCM) and Fault Diagnosis is an important activity in any plants/industries to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify the fault(s) in the early stage.
  • To plan the Condition-based maintenance (CBM) before any catastrophic failure.
  • Enhance the plant safety and reduce the maintenance overhead.

In general the subject is considered complex but the attending this course will enhance overall understanding in the subject including instruments and measurement concepts in simplified manner. This will raise the quality within the organisation in the day-to-day activity in the important area.

Learning Objectives

Participants attending the course able to achieve:

  • Understanding of the basic theory of vibration
  • Concept of vibration measurement and data analysis.
  • Able to carry out vibration measurement, analysis and interpretation.
  • Understanding Machines, bearings, gearboxes, motors, piping and structure vibration and diagnosis.
  • Able to understand vibration related codes.
  • Able to appreciate the technical report on vibration measurement and analysis.

Target Audience

Professionals, Engineers and Technicians involved in the following activities:

  • Day-to-day vibration measurements and data analysis on Machines, structures and piping.
  • Appreciate and understand the measured vibration data and analysis.
  • Able to evaluate the technical reports on vibration monitoring and fault(s) analysis by outsource agency.

Training Methodology

  • Teaching/training approach is like the knowledge transfer by cutting down many mathematical equations
  • Step-by-step explanation in tutorial manner for better and clear understanding in the subject.
  • Hands on Measurement kit: Few vibration sensors, instrumented hammer, Data Acquisition device to understand measurements procedure, data collection and data analysis.

Program Content

Day 1

 Vibration Theory and Experimental Demonstration

  • Introduction about importance of the subject.
  • Basic theory of vibration on spring-mass system for simple and clear understanding.
  • Concept of natural frequency, damping & mode shapes.
  • Simple exercises.

 Day 2

 Vibration Instruments and Measurements

  • Vibration Sensors working principle and technical specifications.
  • Vibration Measurement- Measurement procedure, concept of data acquisition, sampling frequency, aliasing for the data collection.
  • Instruments and Experiment demonstration.

 Day 3

 Vibration Data Analysis

  • Time domain vibration data analysis – concept of vibration amplitude, data filtering including anti-aliasing filter, crest factor and kurtosis analysis.
  • Frequency domain vibration data analysis – Fourier Transformation, power spectral and frequency response function analysis including averaging, windowing and overlap in an easy step-by-step manner.
  • Examples and exercises.

 Day 4

 Machinery, Piping and Structure Vibration Analysis

  • Basic approach for the natural frequency identification by experiments.
  • Hands-on experiments.
  • Concept of the vibration-based condition monitoring and faults for day-to-day work.
  • Concept of Machine and pipe related vibration-severity codes.

 Day 5

 Faults diagnosis of anti-friction bearings and gear boxes and Case Studies

  • Concept of the modulated signals and their relation with the bearing and gear box vibration.
  • Characteristic frequencies for the anti-friction bearing and gear boxes.
  • Diagnosis methods.
  • Few case studies related to vibration problem and their solution.

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