Ref No: ME 107 Program Name: Storage Tank Design, Construction and Maintenance

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This course is designed to provide practical knowledge and experience in the design, construction and maintenance of storage tanks.

Participants will also be introduced to cost-effective tank maintenance, including tank integrity testing, leak detection and monitoring, tank leak clean-up, existing tank inventory, existing tank retrofit, and compliance with tank regulations as well as maintenance techniques.

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance knowledge and expertise in storage tank design, and equip with structured procedures and effective guidelines to perform design calculations.
  • Gain a sound working knowledge of the interdependence of design, operation, and maintenance on integrity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of storage tanks.
  • Extend knowledge of the requirements and application of relevant codes, standards, and recommended practices in storage tank designs, operation, inspection repairs and alterations.
  • Ability and skills in storage tank failure detection and analysis, estimating failure consequences, and fitness-for-service assessment
  • Improve competence thereby enhancing performance level and making additional value added contributions to the organization.

Target Audience

This training programme is intended for technical professionals and supervisors responsible for ensuring the integrity and cost-effective operation of storage tanks throughout their life cycle; including design, operation, and maintenance in the petroleum, petrochemical, process and power industries.

Training Methodology

This course combines sound engineering principles, methods, applicable codes & standards, and best industry practices. The course will conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures, and interactive worked examples. This emphasis will be on all technical aspects and providing answers to problems that are encountered in everyday industrial practices.

Program Content

Day 1 – An Introduction to Storage Tanks and Storage Systems

  • Storage tanks types and features
    • Fixed roof tanks
    • Floating roof tanks
    • Single and double wall tanks
  • Mechanical design requirements
    • Shell thickness calculations
    • Stress evaluation
    • Cylindrical components under pressure

Day 2 – Damage Mechanisms and Repairs

  • Tank inspections
    • Safety
    • Resources
  • Nondestructive examination
    • NDE techniques and technologies
    • Inspections on line and off line
  • Materials & corrosion
    • Corrosion and corrosion prevention
    • Typical damage mechanisms

  Day 3 – Storage Tank Components Fabrication Details & Evaluation

  • Tank Roofs
    • Floating roofs (internal and external)
    • Inspection of roof sealing
    • Inspection and repair of roof
  • Tank Foundation & Tank settlement
    • Evaluation of tank bottom settlement
    • Foundation repair or replacement
  • Shell and Bottom evaluation
    • Actual and minimum thickness determination
    • Annular plate ring considerations

Day 4 – Tank Repair and Alteration

  • Tank repairs and reconstruction
    • Shell penetrations
    • Repair of tank bottoms
    • Repairs within the critical zone
    • Entire bottom replacement
    • Roof repairs
  • Dismantling & Reconstruction
    • Component replacement or reuse consideration
  • Welding
    • Procedures for shell, bottom and critical zone
    • Weld inspections

Day 5 – Vents & Fire Protection Systems

  • PVV Valves
  • Inert Gas Blanketing
  • Gas & Fire Detection
  • Smothering Systems
  • Inspection & Testing Requirements
    • Frequency of inspections
    • Internal/external
    • Alternate inspections

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