Ref No: CM 108 Program Name: Managing the Competitive Bidding Process

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Every commercial projects need a professional contracting approach if it is to achieve its objectives. There are many aspects of the job to consider: the procurement processes must be transparent, efficient and well managed. The right commercial contract model needs to be selected. The client company must make sure it chooses an able and affordable contractor. The scope of work must be well defined. The risks must be appropriately apportioned between the parties, and the consequences of late or poor performance must be reflected in the contract and managed appropriately. The contract must be administered effectively to keep the job on track, and if changes are required, the contract should facilitate the variations.

This 5-day programme will cover all different aspects of tendering, to help participants become better aware of the activities incorporated in the tendering process, bid evaluation and contract award.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the tendering cycle and strategies
  • Identify the different options of tendering
  • Learn ways to maximize value of supplies and services
  • Define the essential tender documentation
  • Apply best practices in vendors screening and prequalification
  • Identify the negotiation different styles and tactics
  • Develop advanced practices in tendering and evaluation process
  • Define the contract pre-award and post award activities

Target Audience

  •  Contract Managers and Administrators
  • Contract Analysts and Engineers
  • Buyers, Purchasing Professionals and Procurement Officers
  • Anyone involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of commercial tenders and contracts for the purchase of services, materials or equipment.

Training Methodology

 The facilitator will deploy a full range of lively and interactive training methods, including exercises, role plays, case studies, practice sessions and group discussions. Each topic will be underpinned by a presentation that highlights key issues to focus on.

The learning experience will be supported by a reference manual containing examples of best practice. Participants will make presentations and receive personal feedback on their performance. Discussions will participants to share their own experiences with the rest of the group.

Program Content

Module 1 – Tendering Process 

  • Elements of Competitive Tendering Process
  • Selecting the right Contracting Strategy
  • Principles of Tendering
  • The Tendering Cycle & Tendering Options
  • E-Tendering
  • Invitation to Tender Documentation
  • Running the Tendering Process

Module 2 – Selecting the Right Suppliers 

  • Criteria for Pre-qualifying Suppliers
  • Integrating the Supplier Selection Process
  • Detailed Supplier Investigation
  • Performing a Supplier Assessment
  • Setting Acceptance Criteria & Selection
  • Engaging Suppliers during the Tender Process

Module 3 – Evaluating the Bid 

  • Evaluating a Bid Objectively
  • Developing Tender Evaluation Criteria
  • Methods of Payment
  • Technical & Commercial Evaluations
  • Evaluation of Cost Breakdowns

Module 4 – Effective Negotiation 

  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Planning a Negotiation
  • Negotiation Objectives, Styles and Strategy
  • Power in Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Meeting & Follow-up

Module 5: Contract Award and Management 

  • Forming a Contract
  • Common Contract Terms
  • Standard Forms of Contract
  • Contract Award
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures
  • Performance  Management

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