Ref No: CM 110 Program Name: Contractors & Suppliers: Evaluation, Selection, Management & Control

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22 Jul 2024 26 Jul 2024 Paris, FR $ 5,750
09 Dec 2024 13 Dec 2024 Dubai, UAE $ 4,750
07 Apr 2025 11 Apr 2025 Dubai, UAE $ 4,750
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 When you select a supplier or contractor to deliver a certain product or to provide a service, it is important to make the correct decision, as the wrong selection might prove disastrous in the long term.

In this program, delegates will learn to:

  • Conduct a free and fair bidding process.
  • Ensure that only the best suppliers are selected to participate in the bidding process.
  • Draft contracts that not only contain the necessary legalese but also promise to deliver value.
  • Manage contractors and suppliers to minimise the risk to the business and ensure long-term benefit to all parties concerned.

By attending this seminar, delegates will be able to return to their respective companies and immediately add value to the procurement process by adding simple, yet extremely powerful solutions to the procurement process.

Learning Objectives

Participants attending the program will:

  • Improve their understanding of the procurement process and to how it can be used to create value to the organisation.
  • Negotiate effectively with suppliers and contractors to create a win-win outcome.
  • Select only the best suppliers that will be able to deliver true value to the organisation.
  • Implement an objective measurement process that will determine areas of continuous improvement.

Target Audience 

  • Contract, Procurement, Purchasing, Project and End-Users responsible for the requisitioning of materials and services.
  • Engineering, Operational and Maintenance personnel.
  • Finance and auditors that can assist in drafting new policies that will actually deliver true value.

Training Methodology 

The program will be interactive and practical. There will be group discussions and everyone will get an opportunity to discuss their issues with contracting and procurement.

Program Content

Day 1 – Introduction

  • Procurement as an integrated part of the entire business process
  • The objectives of the procurement process
  • An overview of our current policies, procedures and the outcomes thereof
  • Crafting a successful procurement policy

Day 2 – Working with End-Users

  • Involving end-users in the bidding process
  • Ensuring a clear, objective Scope of Work
  • Setting manageable milestones
  • The House of Quality

 Day 3 – Supplier Selection

  • Using the Boston cube to determine the right contract strategy
  • Identifying potential suppliers
  • Ensuring that a sufficiently large number of suppliers participate in the bidding process
  • Supplier assessment and qualification

 Day 4 – Supplier Management

  • The contract: the essentials
  • Clarifying and managing specifications
  • The problem of Variance Orders
  • Dealing with delinquent suppliers

 Day 5 – Supplier Measurement and Feedback

  • Setting objective measures and standards
  • Measuring suppliers and providing feedback to them
  • Quality management techniques
  • Reporting to management

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