Ref No: CS 103 Program Name: Improving Customer Service “In the Age of the Customer”

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This course has been designed to be of support to anyone providing service to both internal and external customers.  Functions such as customer support, sales, and marketing customer complaints and client aftercare are obvious departmental contenders to gain benefit, however the appeal stretches much further than that. This program will enlighten delegates and clarify what it takes to build a lasting relationship that delivers sustainable and measurable benefit.

Delegates will be given insight into the psychology of customer service and learn tips and techniques that will help them to read a person’s non-verbal language very accurately. It will also help individuals to create and build interesting dialogue with customers, ensuring they provide service and where appropriate close sales with maximum success and customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty and securing authentic client commitment is an essential part of Customer Service “In the Age of the Customer”. Loyal customers trust you and your organization and will become natural advocates for your business. This program helps to demystify and clarify just what it takes to develop the ultimate honour in any customer relationship and that is earning their ‘faith’ and on-going commitment to your organisation and purpose. This program shines a light on how best to create and maintain loyalty and ultimately keep your organizations reputation alive and positive.

Even in the most progressive customer sensitive organizations, the chance of having to respond to a customer complaint is a very real prospect.  This program explains how to handle customer complaints more professionally, whether they originate from telephone contact, e-mail, social media or traditional face to face approaches. It is of critical importance that those on the frontline are equipped and able to deal with such challenges.  Delegates attending Customer Service “In the Age of the Customer” will return to their respective organizations, invigorated and motivated with a fresh toolkit of solutions to put into immediate practice.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this five-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver great service to their customers.
  • Build great rapport & develop improved and more purposeful relationships.
  • Gain professional customer service skills.
  • Successfully deal with difficult behaviour & challenging conversations.
  • Gain a fresh approach to succeed in the highly demanding customer service environment.
  • Deliver a superior experience to increase repeat business and nurture authentic commitment.

Target Audience

This workshop will be of particular benefit to those individuals who are customer facing or have a direct duty of care to ensure the highest standards of customer service and appreciation are adhered to.

The provision of outstanding Customer service is the responsibility of all employees, irrespective of where they are in the organizational hierarchy.  This program therefore has universal appeal to everyone in the organization.

Training Methodology

This practical, exciting and results-oriented program is based on the sharing of best current known practice. It incorporates short inspiring facilitated discussions with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with stories to enhance learning; a variety of pertinent video sequences, ongoing learning reinforcement and discussions.

The use of ‘forum theatre’ to illustrate the wide range of choice we have when aspiring to deliver outstanding customer service standards will also be applied. All of which will help to ensure that a lively, purposeful and enjoyable learning environment exists.

Program Content

Day 1 – Focus on Customer Service:

  • Delivering outstanding service excellence on time, every time.
  • Appreciate how our perception of customers can impact the service we deliver.
  • Responding positively to customers challenging behaviour.
  • Welcoming customer complaints as an opportunity to be solutions focused
  • Nurturing a World Class Customer Service Culture
  • Astounding your customers and winning their faith.

 Day 2 – The Power of Communication:

  • Reading a situation.
  • Reading your customer’s body language.
  • Beginning a conversation confidently.
  • Understanding communication etiquette – what can and cannot be said.
  • Ending a conversation.
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Following up with a customer.

 Day 3 –Dealing with Challenging Situations:

  • Diffuse emotionally charged situations.
  • Build better rapport with abusive customers.
  • Resolve customer conflict before it escalates.
  • Identify powerful listening questioning techniques.
  • Increase customer loyalty & improve business reputation.
  • Handle customer complaints in a professional manner.

 Day 4 – Dealing with Difficult People & Managing Client Conflict:

  • Most Common Causes of Difficult Employees in the Workplace.
  • Dealing with a Difficult Person – Case Study.
  • Adopting an Assertive Approach.
  • Identifying & Managing Difficult/Challenging Employees.
  • Common Causes of Difficult Employees.
  • Identifying sources of conflict in the organisation.
  • Strategies for resolving team and organisational conflict.

 Day 5 – Building the World Class Customer Service Philosophy:

  • Benchmarking for transparency – Who’s doing it right?
  • Measuring the value of your Customer Service ethos.
  • Clarifying the benefits of the aggregation of marginal gains.
  • Understanding Customer Behaviours.
  • Gaining and maintaining the customer service champion.
  • Personal Commitment Statements.


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