Ref No: PR 105 Program Name: Strategic Event Management

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08 May 2023 12 May 2023 London, UK $ 5,750
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This course focuses on the critical components of effective event management. The candidates will learn development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies formal parties, concerts, or conventions. We explore the public relations and promotion skills in this marketing course for event managers, the role of an event planner and skills required will be emphasized throughout the course.

Furthermore the course will cover the main tasks in an event planning and the role of event management in today’s world.

Targeting Audience

This Course most benefits managers who are being given event coordination tasks, events and marketing managers, seasoned event managers in an organization, individual who desire to develop new skills, add value to their companies, update or refresh a new skill set, take the opportunity to network or prepare for career change. Our course is designed to fit a variety of personalities.

Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of this course the trainees will be able to :

Save valuable time:

The success of an event depends on every element and every person involved in the project doing their job to a high standard, at the correct time and in the right place, which requires flexibility and cross-team communication; managing so many different people at one time takes versatility.

Access insider knowledge, skills & expertise:

Seasoned event managers who have seen and done it all will suggest ideas, plug in the gaps, and make improvements based on best practices and past experiences to help you create an outstanding memorable event.

Avoid hidden costs:

Event management companies know the important questions to ask. A seasoned Event Manager will ask the right questions from the start, so that hidden venue or supplier costs will be explained, avoiding any unexpected costs when it comes to paying the final invoice.

 Ensure you’re covered:

 In today’s world it’s crucial to ensure all of the necessary Health and Safety paperwork is created for each and every event, and this can be quite a task on its own! Risk assessment of all elements of the event will be coordinated by an Event Manager, giving you complete peace of mind that all the correct documentation is provided, and that you are covered, should any incidents occur.

Remain Stress Free:

 Stress reduction is often deemed the biggest benefit for employees when hiring an event management company. All of the liaison and preparation will be tended by them, leaving you worry-free knowing that they are on standby to manage any issues that may arise.

Past experiences have prepared Event Managers to tackle any type of surprises or situations, usually before anyone else notices; experienced event managers make it look easy and work tirelessly to create the best possible experience for their clients, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the event!

By outsourcing your event management requirements, you are buying-in a raft of skills and expertise including:

  • Knowledge and experience of best locations and venues for your Event
  • Experience in managing logistically challenging situations
  • Creative ideas for social and partner programmes
  • Purchasing power: ability to negotiate favorable rates and payment terms on your behalf
  • Multiple supplier management
  • Language and cultural understanding of event destinations

 Course Topics

  •  Event planning
  • Types of events
  • Event planning process
  • Event Concept and theming
  • Event Budgeting
  • Event Management Plan
  • Venue Management and Operations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing the Event
  • Major incident and crisis management
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Communication and customer services
  • Event marketing


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