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  • ML173
  • Course Title:
  • Woman in Leadership - Developing the High Performing Role-Model
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  • 4500
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  • Dubai
  • Date:
  • 2021-06-06


Woman in Leadership

Developing the High Performing Role-Model


More than half of the population of humans who inhabit this planet are female, yet historically this mass population has been side-lined by men for the roles that are traditionally defined as requiring “Strong Leadership” as a core competence.  Think about this in your own organisation.  How many of the senior team at ‘Board’ or ‘C’ level are female? If your organisation has more than 20% of female members at the most senior level, then congratulations, your organisation is probably more progressive and forward thinking than the average. Why can this be so?  What logical reason can possibly justify the inequity which places man in a more favourable position than his female counterpart, based simply on gender definition alone?

This program, Woman in Leadership - Developing the High Performing Role-Model is designed to empower female leaders with inspiring and impactful insights that will focus them to be the absolute best version of themself in all their business and personal dealings.  Don’t be confused, this program is not designed to alienate or seek ways in which to overpower or conquer our male colleagues.  Quite the opposite.  During this program we will explore ways in which to get more men on board and encourage them to sponsor women, whilst getting rid of the myth that positive discrimination or creating a mathematically level playing field is the right way.

Participants can look forward to exploring case studies of famous and successful female role models from both the past and present and they will be able to identify ways in which to put in place a practical action plan for positive contribution back in their workplace.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify key leadership competencies, which define success and respect different genders.
  • Understand the importance of developing a Personal Brand and sponsorship
  • Influence strong opinion leaders and set the wheels in motion for driving positive change.
  • Create a climate where employees irrespective of their position or gender feel motivated, enthused and determined to foster greater involvement from female role-models.
  • Develop natural confidence when communicating, especially to particularly strong and challenging characters.

Target Audience:

This workshop is open to an ‘all female’ delegation, who are keen to enhance their leadership effectiveness and further develop a positive mind-set towards gender parity at senior levels.

This will be of particular benefit to those who are currently working at a ‘Management’ level and have the responsibility to lead and direct others through changing times.  This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Senior Managers seeking to develop strategies to enhance female participation within their organisation.
  • Leaders interested in evaluating and benchmarking their current skill set in relation to others.
  • Ambitious, newly promoted managers looking for direction on how to navigate the challenges

Training Methodology:

The program is highly interactive with a mixture of trainer input to impart key concepts; discussion and facilitated practice sessions with group work and personal feedback; and ongoing coaching with learning reviews. Participants will be encouraged to contribute actively in relating the challenges of succeeding as an effective female leader to the particular needs of their workplace. It will challenge and inspire them to an effective role-model.

Programme Content: 

Day 1 – Leadership Challenge

  • The gender landscape
  • Characteristics of good leaders
  • Learning from inspirational female leaders
  • Authentic female leadership competencies
  • Being an authentic female leader

Day 2 – Brand and sponsorship 

  • The Power of Brand 
  • The value of a Personal Brand
  • How to get remembered positively 
  • Understanding the sponsor relationship 
  • Finding a sponsor 

Day 3 – Influence and change 

  • The Power of Influence
  • Influence, persuade and assert in your own style 
  • Influence strong opinion leaders
  • Strategies for change
  • Culture and change 

Day 4 – Motivating Your Workforce

  • What is Motivation?
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • The female role-model
  • Key skills of Trust and Communication
  • Creating a Motivational Climate

Day 5 – Confident Decisions

  • Making Decisions
  • Owning your decisions and removing doubt 
  • Communicate assertively with confidence
  • Congruent communication techniques
  • Planning the future