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Home Advanced Leadership: Creativity, Critical Thinking and Innovation


  • Ref:
  • ML120
  • Course Title:
  • Advanced Leadership: Creativity, Critical Thinking and Innovation
  • Fees:
  • $4500
  • Venue:
  • Accra, GH
  • Date:
  • 2021-12-13



The challenges of responding to enforced change and uncertainty have never been more prevalent than now, in this post COVID-19 pandemic world.

To survive and prosper, organisations must develop internal climates where innovation and creative solutions thrive. This highly creative yet practical program explores what is involved in establishing such a business environment and will demonstrate to delegates how to develop creative and innovative solutions that can address real world business problems. 

This fast moving, highly interactive workshop helps delegates to understand how excellent, highly focussed leadership skills can add measurable value to their organisations.  This program will examine ways in which to create a high-powered, results oriented environment that will consistently achieve the KPI’s, goals and objectives that define success.

Delegates will gain insight into their preferred leadership style and be given the opportunity to understand how this personal trait can influence their professional success.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Build a culture that promotes innovation and creativity 
  • Appreciate the vital importance that communication and active listening have in building a sustainable environment, where great decisions are consistently taken.
  • Identify the benefits and characteristics of high-performance teams 
  • Identify core leadership skills & competencies
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills to make better business decisions.
  • Recognise the difference between solving problems and finding solutions 
  • Develop a comprehensive Leadership Action Plan.

Target Audience 

Managers, leaders, and professionals who are responsible for driving change, managing conflict, and dealing with the consequences of reenergising teams in these challenging times. 

This program will be of great benefit to anyone who is involved with leading others within their organization and who has to deal with the consequences of resistance to change.  Those Managers and Leaders who wish to gain insight into new and innovative ways of problem solving and decision making will gain significant benefit.
Training Methodology

This practical and results-oriented program incorporates short inspiring facilitated discussions with structured lessons from the training manual.  There is a captivating PowerPoint slide presentation with stories to enhance learning, a variety of pertinent video sequences, ongoing learning reinforcement and discussions with action planning. Ample time will be given for questions and answers.

Program Content

Day 1:    Leading a Team through Transition

  • The Impact of Change in this post pandemic world
  • How to effectively lead a team during transformation 
  • The stages of team development 
  • Managing stress in the team
  • Defining team purposes and results 

Day 2:    Creative Problem Solving

  • Types of problems
  • Opportunities and Challenges as opposed to problems
  • The benefits of a team approach
  • The steps for effective problem solving and decision making – using several different models 
  • The different communication styles and when to use each one 

Day 3:    Critical Thinking & Decision Making

  • Reasons for poor decisions
  • Managing the risk
  • Decision making applied
  • Facilitating and participating in team meetings
  • Using problem solving strategies for creative and innovative solutions 

Day 4:    Team Conflict and Challenging Team Situations

  • Clarifying team roles and responsibilities 
  • Productive vs. Destructive team behaviours 
  • Leading through difficult team scenarios 
  • Improving the performance/behaviours of individual team members 
  • Resolving team conflicts - individual and inter-departmental 

Day Five:    Translating the Vision to Reality

  • Exploiting the latent creativity within you
  • The steps for effective problem solving and decision making 
  • Creating a vision and securing commitment from your team
  • Giving & receiving constructive critical feedback
  • Developing a comprehensive Leadership Action Plan for implementation over 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from today.