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Bespoke Training & Content Design 

Through the depth of our understanding and knowledge of various industry sectors, we can identify the distinctive traits which characterizes each of our client’s organizations.  Whilst there is significant benefit to be gained by client participation in one of our ‘open’ public programmes, we understand the significant value to be gained by designing and developing a set of solutions that are completely exclusive.  Our clear and impartial insight allows us to develop unique solutions that complement the ethos, values and employee culture of your business.

Our suite of almost 500 tried and tested training programmes, workshops and seminars have been created to address the many mutual needs of a public forum.  Delegates from a wide variety of organisations and sectors learn together and can share their perspectives and experiences, which help to make a rich and excellent environment for learning.

However, we recognise that for many of our clients, there is a real need to tailor the training and development solutions to better reflect the individuality and uniqueness of their organisation.  Our team of programme designers, facilitators and subject matter experts can work with you to ensure that any one of our traditional, publicly offered programmes can be adapted to accurately reflect your organisations unique identity.  This may involve:

  • Integrating and aligning learning materials to complement your competency framework.
  • Providing clarity and context on how to more accurately demonstrate your organisations values, vision and mission statement in their day to day work.
  • Incorporating ‘company specific’ statements of policies procedures and working practices into the training materials, handouts, exercises and learning scenarios. 

Adopting the bespoke training & Content design preference will help you to preserve the integrity of your own intellectual property, whilst benefitting from various tried and tested tools, techniques, models and concepts which have proven to work and add significant value in other ‘real world’ situations.

Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching provides leaders with a powerful, dynamic and structured process of conversation that helps them to move from their current position to a future desired state.  Our team of highly qualified executive coaches have gained an excellent reputation for helping top global leaders to improve their personal and organizational efficiency.

All of our executive coaches are highly qualified and capable individuals, who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence.  It is this attribute which, coupled with their professional competence in the coaching arena that provides our coaching clients with the opportunity to attain even greater success.  

Successful coaching relationships require from the outset a good fit with the coach and client.  This is all about ensuring that the appropriate level of trust and mutual respect can be nurtured.  We will spend time with you, working to understand your coaching requirements and then propose a selection of appropriate coaches who will be capable and able to support you in your coaching journey.  It is important to understand what coaching is and what it is not:

Coaching is not:

  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Therapy
  • Mentoring

These are all noble acts and are often successful methods for dealing with difficult and tricky situations, decisions and challenges.  However, coaching is none of the above.  In simple terms, coaching can be described as the opportunity to invite the coachee on a voyage of self-discovery, where the coach does not tell, sell or teach the coachee anything, but simply guides the coachee through structured conversation, using constructive questioning and listening, thereby helping the coachee to come to a well thought out and appropriate response to whatever their situation or challenge is presenting.