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At Talent Expertise International, we are first and foremost a world-class provider of training and consulting services.  We offer these services as a complete end to end solution, delivered through our network of more than 100 accredited Senior Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches.  We partner with only the very best conference and banqueting providers in over 26 cities, worldwide, ensuring that excellence is maintained in all aspects of our service offering.

What distinguishes us from other training providers is our genuine committed to providing clients with a warm and friendly experience. We understand the importance of building strong relationships that will endure.  We are therefore, focussed on always being flexible and responsive to your needs whilst at all times, being a partner that is easy to do business with.

Our corporate training programs have, over the years, helped and encouraged tens of thousands of individuals to increase their professional competence.  Our innovative learning & development techniques encourage new ways of thinking, responding and achieving.  This concerted approach ultimately helps individuals to seize new opportunities and reach their full potential.

Our key strength is our unwavering approach to putting humanity back into the learning arena.  We believe that it is imperative to link society and community with business and industry and we constantly seek ways in which to ensure that people at all levels within their career are given every opportunity to be the very best version of themselves possible.

Our Vision

To be the first choice ‘Learning & Development’ partner for our growing network of global clients. Constantly seeking better ways of serving our clients needs whilst pursuing profitable business growth.

A Message from the CEO

We would very much welcome the opportunity to connect with you and would be delighted to set up an introductory call or meet with you to explore ways in which we can be of service.

Our Values

We are global provider of corporate learning & development solutions and our business ethos defines that we will never compromise on the following four core values:

1) Family – Supporting an environment of safety, security and happiness for our colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

2) Integrity – Displaying appropriate behaviours and business ethics in pursuit of honesty, sincerity and truth.

3) Respect – Demonstrating a sense of reverence and admiration to others in all of our business dealings.

4) Trust – Constantly working towards building authentic relationships through our faithful endeavours.

Corporate Training To Develop Competence

Our public programmes have been designed to ensure all participants, regardless of where they are in the arc of their career, can be accommodated at the appropriate level. We develop and deliver our public programmes from entry level officers, through to the ‘C’ suite Executive level. Our Senior Consultants invest time to ensure each programme is always pitched at the right level.

Customised In-Company Training

We understand that no two organisations are identical and that a “one size fits all” approach does not always work. Our team of dedicated programme designers will consult and work with you, to develop bespoke material exclusively for your organisation. This will ensure that the final solution fits with your organisational, ethos and culture, considering any specific policies, procedures or working practices that you may employ.

Professional Consultancy Services

Our team of highly experienced and qualified business consultants undertake a rigorous assessment process before they are appointed into this exclusive team. We select our consultants in respect to both their academic and professional credentials and for their interpersonal skills. all our consultants must have had a minimum of 15 years senior management experience, developing and driving real strategic change, with full profit and loss accountability, working in the real world.

Recruitment Services

We have access to an unparalleled network of professional contacts representing the core markets in which we serve. Our Recruitment Services Team works discreetly on our client’s behalf, supporting them in finding the perfect ‘person match’ for some of the most demanding appointments. Our team provides bespoke staffing solutions on a turnkey basis for all levels of appointment.

We would very much welcome the opportunity to connect with you and would be delighted to set up an introductory call or meet with you to explore ways in which we can be of service.

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  • One of the most beneficial course attended this year. Instructors capabilities to keep attention is excellent and he presented subjects clearly with great examples.

    'Project Management Masterclass'

    Umar Bakoji ~ Manager Services~ 18 hours ago
  • This program was excellent. Very practical, nice facilities and a great instructor who understood our business.

    'Putting Strategy into Action'

    Maryrose R O ~ General Manager ~ 18 hours ago
  • I have attended more than 30 training programs in my career and this was by far the best Leadership training event EVER! Johann and John are a compelling double act.

    ‘Leadership for 4IR: the 4.0D Leadership Model’

    Dr. James D. Wilson. BDS ~ ~ 18 hours ago
  • The instructor made the complexities of corporate governance seem easy. Thoroughly recommend this program.

    ‘Due Diligence in the Petroleum Business’

    Yakubu A ~ General Manager~ 18 hours ago
  • A good mix of theory and practice I feel much more confident now in my new role as Shift Supervisor.  

    ‘Key Managerial Skills for New Managers & Supervisors’

    Rachel N ~ Office Procurement~ 18 hours ago
  • This was an intensive program over 10 days, but the time flew by, thank you.

    ‘Procurement & Supply Chain Management’

    Imi Umaru ~ Manager Procurement~ 18 hours ago
  • Excellent course 5* Great instructors who knew their subject matter well.

    ‘Financial Statement Analysis of the Public Sector’


    Abdullah Al Thani ~ Senior Financial Analyst~ 18 hours ago
  • The trainer was excellent, she helped everyone and provided excellent examples

    ‘Developing Professional Skills for Executive Secretaries & PA’s

    Moza Al Ali ~ PA - Group Chairman~ 18 hours ago
  • High level training delivered by High level instructors

    ‘Pumps & Compressors: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting’

    Mohammed Al Abdallah ~ ~ 18 hours ago